[exif] Package

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Read and modify image EXIF metadata using Python without any third-party software dependencies. For example, batch process image metadata using a Python script.

Quick Start

Open an image with EXIF metadata using the Python open() built-in function. Ensure the binary mode flag is set. Pass this image file object into the exif.Image class:

>>> from exif import Image
>>> with open('grand_canyon.jpg', 'rb') as image_file:
...     my_image = Image(image_file)
>>> my_image.has_exif

List EXIF attributes using the list_all() method:

>>> my_image.list_all()
['_exif_ifd_pointer', '_gps_ifd_pointer', 'aperture_value', 'brightness_value', 'color_space',
 'components_configuration', 'compression', 'datetime', 'datetime_digitized', 'datetime_original', 'exif_version',
 'exposure_bias_value', 'exposure_mode', 'exposure_program', 'exposure_time', 'f_number', 'flash',
 'flashpix_version', 'focal_length', 'focal_length_in_35mm_film', 'gps_altitude', 'gps_altitude_ref',
 'gps_datestamp', 'gps_dest_bearing', 'gps_dest_bearing_ref', 'gps_horizontal_positioning_error',
 'gps_img_direction', 'gps_img_direction_ref', 'gps_latitude', 'gps_latitude_ref', 'gps_longitude',
 'gps_longitude_ref', 'gps_speed', 'gps_speed_ref', 'gps_timestamp', 'jpeg_interchange_format',
 'jpeg_interchange_format_length', 'lens_make', 'lens_model', 'lens_specification', 'make', 'maker_note',
 'metering_mode', 'model', 'orientation', 'photographic_sensitivity', 'pixel_x_dimension', 'pixel_y_dimension',
 'resolution_unit', 'scene_capture_type', 'scene_type', 'sensing_method', 'shutter_speed_value', 'software',
 'subject_area', 'subsec_time_digitized', 'subsec_time_original', 'white_balance', 'x_resolution',
 'y_and_c_positioning', 'y_resolution']

Access EXIF metadata tags using Python attribute notation:

>>> # Read tags with Python "get" notation.
>>> my_image.gps_latitude
(36.0, 3.0, 11.08)
>>> my_image.gps_longitude
(112.0, 5.0, 4.18)
>>> my_image.model
'iPhone 7'
>>> # Modify tags with Python "set" notation.
>>> my_image.make = "Python"
>>> # Delete tags with Python "del" notation.
>>> del my_image.gps_latitude
>>> del my_image.gps_longitude
>>> # Add new tags with Python "set" notation.
>>> from exif import LightSource
>>> my_image.light_source = LightSource.DAYLIGHT

Write the image with modified EXIF metadata to an image file using open() in binary write mode:

>>> with open('modified_image.jpg', 'wb') as new_image_file:
...     new_image_file.write(my_image.get_file())

Refer to the usage page for information and examples of alternative ways to access EXIF tags (e.g. with index/item syntax or with methods).